A. Tribble, T. Jefferson: Men’s Opinions and Beliefs Depend Not on Their Own Will

Image: Cover for 'A. Tribble, T. Jefferson,' by Roger David Hardesty

8.5×11 cover spread, clickable above.

Extensively footnoted essay (54 pages) in ‘Proof of Concept State,’ having been circulated for peer review in press-ready format via Amazon’s Create Space. I have not obtained print permission for one copyrighted element: the text is not currently being marketed.

Author’s note: (Plot spoiler.) Having diminished likelihood that Thomas Jefferson in any way relied on Rev. Andrew Tribble (1741-1822), I discovered Tribble was in some association with James Madison in a 1785 ‘Memorial and Remonstrance’ to the Virginia General Assembly.

2 thoughts on “A. Tribble, T. Jefferson: Men’s Opinions and Beliefs Depend Not on Their Own Will

  1. John Tribble says:

    I am exploring your writings with great enjoyment. Part of my own story:
    When I was 13 I saw listening in on Grandma Tribble’s story about how the Tribbles from Mississippi moved there from the northwestern corner of Missouri. “Old Joe” had been involved in some kind of scandal in “The War”. Grandma didn’t say which war and thought the scandal too much for my ears. So years later I googled “Joseph Tribble 1890” and looked at the front page of the NY Times July 6, 1890. I suddenly found the missing link between myself and Rev. Andrew Tribble: “Old Joe” being Andrew’s great-great-grandson as well as my great-great-grandfather. However, the more I researched Joseph, the worse it got.

    1. RDH says:

      Well, at least ‘Old Joe’ was acquitted in October. Some in the jury hadn’t been born when the killing happened in 1861. They (apparently ate lunch and) returned verdict in 3 1/2 hours. Times reporting, on Tribble’s “old friend,” the knife he’d used 29 years earlier, was chilling.

      Reporting during the trial (below) is macabre. Many accounts have carpenter Tribble as indigent: he certainly had able attorneys.


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